“So, does the meat live up to all the hard work that goes into it? It most certainly does. The pulled lamb is a thing of beauty tender and totally devoid of fibrous, chewy strands. It is also extremely juicy from the house-made apple-heavy sauce that is drizzled over it before serving.”

The Straits Times

Churning out perfectly barbecued briskets in Petaling Jaya

“They have beef ribs, beef brisket, lamb and chicken — and they smoke all their meat in-house. You can pop behind and see the huge racks of wood beside the smokers. I love their flavourful and fork-tender beef brisket. Delicious! “

The Malay Mail

Hip joints in Klang Valley

“Reasons to visit Beard Brothers BBQ:  you are not going to find better, more authentic barbecue in Malaysia; it is incredible food – smoky, tender, and moist.”

The Yum List

Beard Brothers BBQ, Best Barbecue in KL So They Say

“All their meats are smoked for about 14 hours with firewood, guaranteeing an authentic Texas-style barbecue. We recommend coming early as they can sell out as quickly as two hours after they open.”


Beard Brothers’ BBQ

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