Man likes hunting in the wild and traversing the great outdoors. It is a thrilling adventure that keeps man on his toes. One day, man stumbled on a new part of the rainforest he had never set foot in before. After hours of fascinating exploration, man realized he was hopelessly lost. Feeling hungry, man shot himself a small deer. While building a fire and preparing to cook his dinner, man discovered the secret techniques of smoking meats through a sacred portal called YouTube.

So elated was man that he sent up smoke signals, which attracted the attention of another man who was also hunting in the same part of the rainforest. Coincidentally, both man and his new friend were blessed with luxuriant facial hair, which provided much-needed protection from the fire and smoke. And that, friends, was how Beard Brothers came to be.

Meet the Beard Brothers

Chief Pitmaster Nazri Jameson is a culinary arts graduate who decided to embrace the challenge of producing perfectly barbecued halal briskets. His obsession with it had him laboring for almost five months, honing his technique and recipe to achieve his vision of the perfectly barbecued brisket.

His fellow Pitmaster and Bearded Bro, Afif Ter, shares his vision of diversifying the halal food culture. Together, they aim to create accessible and authentic halal alternatives of world cuisine while building an inclusive social community through wholesome good food. In tandem with that, the bearded duo is on a mission to redefine the perception of fast food with their philosophy of slow cooking for full-flavoured goodness.



Low & Slow Wood Fired Barbeque

The core of what defines Beard Brothers, our barbecued halal briskets are a labor of love, taking 20 hours to prep and cook before they are ready to be served. Using meats sourced from Australia for their high standards of food safety, animal welfare, and quality assurance, we take pride in serving juicy and tender fall-off-the-bone briskets, beef short ribs, pulled lamb and more.

At Beard Brothers’ BBQ, we are driven by a simple goal: to provide an authentic, delicious, and wholesome halal BBQ meals in a fun and welcoming dining atmosphere for all. In our age of speed and mobile connectivity, we should all be spending more quality time with friends and family over good food and stimulating conversations.


Tropicana Avenue, Petaling Jaya

PG-1, Tropicana Avenue, Persiaran Tropicana Golf & Country Resort, PJU 2, 47410 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

Tebing, Bandar Dato Onn

Jalan Dato' Onn Utama, Nasa City, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia.


Halal Meat Artisans

Beard Brothers Meats is your premier online butchery and supply, bringing your favourite cuts and BBQ flavours straight to your doorstep. In line with our philosophy bringing only the best products with the best value to you. Visit www.beardbrothers.com.my to order now.


For the meat lovers, look no further than this place. Meat in all it’s goodness. I’d recommend for the first-timer, The Texas Star Set. 100g Beef Brisket, with a hefty amount of sides. The meat was smoked to perfection, so succulent and tender. Every bite will sure to make you wanting more. But Hey, don’t take my word for it, come and taste it yourself. 

Syazwan Jafri Local Guide | Source, Google Review

Hands down and simply one of the best BBQ joints. Comparing to the BBQ joints I tried in the US. I would say this is a world-class cuisine. 

Mac J Imbayan Source, Facebook Review


Best place to get BBQ Food. The meats are tender and juicy. My personal recommendation is the beef ribs. Worth every penny.

Haziq Gani Source, Trip Advisor


“So, does the meat live up to all the hard work that goes into it? It most certainly does. The pulled lamb is a thing of beauty tender and totally devoid of fibrous, chewy strands. It is also extremely juicy from the house-made apple-heavy sauce that is drizzled over it before serving.”

The Straits Times

Churning out perfectly barbecued briskets in Petaling Jaya

“They have beef ribs, beef brisket, lamb and chicken and they smoke all their meat in-house. You can pop behind and see the huge racks of wood beside the smokers. I love their flavourful and fork-tender beef brisket. Delicious! “

The Malay Mail

Hip joints in Klang Valley

“Reasons to visit Beard Brothers BBQ:  you are not going to find better, more authentic barbecue in Malaysia; it is incredible food smoky, tender, and moist.”

The Yum List

Beard Brothers BBQ, Best Barbecue in KL So They Say

“All their meats are smoked for about 14 hours with firewood, guaranteeing an authentic Texas-style barbecue. We recommend coming early as they can sell out as quickly as two hours after they open.”


Beard Brothers’ BBQ

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