Beard Brothers Catering

WE HAVE TWO TYPES OF CATERING Contactless Catering & Live Catering


  • We will send your order to you.
  • Caterer made easy with our contactless catering.
  • Order from us and we will send it to your doorstep.

Setup/equipment that we will provide

  • Boxed lunches
  • Party plater
  • Cutleries
  • Order by guest count


  • Our Well-Trained Beard Brothers Crew will serve you.

Setup/equipment that we will provide

  • Cutting station (Brisket station)
  • Beard brother cutting crew
  • Table & cloth, and warmer (Plug need to be provided)
  • Plate and cutleries (Will be provided upon request)
  • Transportation for food and BBQ (Traveling charges)
  • Brisket station | (Slice live in front of your eyes)


  • Traveling charges.
  • Payment and deposit detail.
  • Event confirmation must be 2 weeks early to the event.
  • After the confirmation has been done, an invoice will be issued for further action.
  • Cash and Online Banking are accepted.